Shuffle, Shakes, and Souls

Our home town of Colwyn Bay has become increasingly more on the forefront of our minds. We’ve recently started “Shuffle and Shake” a Youth for Christ project. We had our second test run a couple weeks back and had 6 new young lads come along from off the street. They were a little rough around […]

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Minutes Matter

January can be an emotionally difficult month. Christmas and New years have passed, and every day seems to be cold, dark, and miserable! We need something to cheer us up! Well, just yesterday (while checking the miserable weather forecast) I noticed something that brought a glimmer of hope to me and reminded me of this […]

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In a year…

I hope you find this infographic a fun and informative way to see all that God has done in 2018 and also to see what He has laid on our hearts for 2019. Here’s the PDF version if you’d like to print it. I’ve tried to keep it simple to make it easy to read […]

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Potent Chills

Have you ever been standing on the edge of a cliff…admiring the beauty of God’s creation when a thought like this pops into your head, “What would it be like to step out and fly?!” I imagine that thought would send chills down your spine! The thought of all that danger and yet all that […]

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Life Without Music

Did you know that playing a musical instrument has the potential to make you “smarter?” Well, at least that is what a certain TED talks video has to say.  It suggests that things like a heightened ability in strategizing, problem solving, and memory are all likely benefits of playing an instrument. So, why am I […]

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Angry Birds, Happy Finch

Angry Birds is a mobile phone game that was first launched back in 2009. If you’ve never heard of it, then simply ask any young person and they will probably act like its ancient history! And I guess in some ways it kind of is, as since the original came out, Angry birds has released […]

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And the Kitchen Sink!

Summer weather here lasts only about as long as the summer holidays … 6 weeks! It’s the first week of September and I’ve already started wearing jumpers (British for sweaters).  Summer is always a busy crunch time and this summer was no different with two youth camps, a mini-retreat, an exciting summer program and then […]

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Hurry Up and Wait…

It can be very frustrating getting stuck in traffic. Everything is moving smoothly and suddenly you’re stuck going nowhere fast. Sometimes ministry has phases like this. For example, last week was the final week of school and was busy with prayer meetings, school clubs, youth clubs, Lego clubs, leader’s meetings, mentoring meetings and more! (deep […]

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Big Blessings

This past month has been a huge encouragement. It feels like its been a long time since God opened Heaven and blessed with this many young people coming to know the Lord. This past “dry season” really weighed heavily on my heart. At times it was hard to believe “your labour is not in vain” when […]

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