The Big Gift

So, way back in 2019, before Christmas, we had this amazing event called “The Big Gift.” Our desire was to put on an event that would not only be a fun, family-friendly Christmas event for the community but also something that would celebrate the various areas of ministry already happening at our church: Toddlers, Teens, […]

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Back to Wales Back to Work

What a fantastic five weeks we had in the States! Again, a huge thank you to everyone who showed us such amazing hospitality and generosity! It was so good to see so many of you and to share what God is doing here in North Wales. Also, it was very encouraging to make new friends […]

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Texas-Sized Blessings

Hello from the Lone Star State! Yes, we are deep in the heart of Texas! It has been so good to see so many of you already (even those of you in Louisiana!), and we’re looking forward to those of you we hope to see soon. You have been a real blessing to us! In […]

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Bring Him Home

Recently, I saw the live production of Les Misérables live on stage (which I must say is such a beautiful allegory on the nature of law and grace). The musical was wonderful but I left with one moment at the forefront of my mind. In one particular scene Jean Valjean is praying to God and […]

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Jesus Loves Wales

What a journey this last month has been! God has been so good and so faithful! He has opened so many doors and pointed me in the direction to go. I was nearly run off my feet this month with activities, but I’m not complaining…I’m praising! God is good and He loves this world and […]

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Dysgwr Dw i*

From frantically acquiring as much Welsh as I can, to wrapping up another school year of fantastic ministries, to envisioning the future, I must confess… this month I feel this statement describes it best: Dysgwr Dw i … *A learner, I am

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What do glasses, Snowdon, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have in common? … Obviously, vision … Right? Ok, this is going to need a bit of explanation. First off, this month I was blessed with the fact that I now need glasses to help me with reading. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a life change. […]

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The Welsh Frontier

You have probably noticed over the last year or so, that Miriam and I have been putting a significant amount of effort into learning the Welsh language. We have been taking lessons every Monday for over a year now and this last week we just took our first Welsh Exams! We can now “officially” speak […]

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